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Correct or remove a review?


I wrote a review to the wrong person.

can I edit or remove it?

I have good reason to say it was not a good service.



as my knowledge , you can not edit your review

You have to ask Customer Service.

This is not at thing we can help with on the Forum as we are mostly sellers and not official Fiverr people with access to all the exciting database buttons.


Cannot change your review.

On the same topic, is it possible to reply to reviews and thank the buyer? I have seen others do it on their profile, but couldn’t figure out how

If you left the review then you can contact customer support. They might remove the review - as genuine mistakes do happen.

However, if there is any indication that the other party requested you to remove the review - then you are likely to receive a warning.

Go to the order page and scroll down. You will see an area where you can rate your buyer.


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