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Correct Your Gig Description in English


After seeing several gigs here on Fiverr with grammar, vocabulary and spelling mistakes, I decided to create a gig to help correct those errors to help you have a more professional-looking gig description.

If you’re interested, here is the address:

I wish you success and send my best to you from Cancun!



Good choice! All the best!

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This is a very welcome gig and please put a space after the ‘!’ and ‘?’ in your own gig description. :wink:

Hi Mario and thanks for reading my message. Do you mean in the gig description itself? I just looked at the gig and didn’t see what you meant? Did you click on the link and open up the gig? It would help me to correct my error if I could be sure where it is.

Thanks friend!


This is what I mean:

Ah very well. That’s a formatting thing with the way Fiverr pulled the preview window for the gig to show here in the forum. In the actual gig description all spaces are there my friend. Thanks for checking for me!

Cheers from Cancun!

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