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Correcting information regarding order cancellation

So if you have been following up to what’s happening lately on the forum, 10 days ago, I wrote a comment on this post talking about my experience with the CS considering a rude buyer who I wanted to cancel the order with him without my stats being affected. I shared a reply that CS wrote regarding the situation & luckily, it seems that this piece of info helped a lot of members on forum.

Here's what their response was if you haven't checked it out.

Unfortunately, I would like to inform you that this piece of information wasn’t correct. Today, I contacted the CS because I found a decrease on my order completion rate without any important action happening on my account. I contacted them, talked about the issue, they explained, I talked more about the issue (This isn’t an important convo so I don’t want to waste your time reading it by quoting it here. Therefore, I’ll just add the important reply.)
There was a back & forth discussion until I mentioned to them that one of your CS agents told me that my previous order won’t count as cancelled when it comes to monthly evaluation & it will be added in the “error” section. Here’s what their reply was considering the order not being count in the monthly evaluation:

Hi Youssef,

I understand my partner told that it was not going to be included, I do apologize for the misunderstanding, that information was not correct.

You can improve your order completion rate by completing as many orders as you can. If you have more orders completed that canceled orders, your rate will improve.

Best Reards!

So basically, it wasn’t correct as the CS clarifies. :no_mouth: And yeah, I now have to face the consequences of a buyer who communicated with me in a rude behavior, got the work for free & his money was refunded while what I got was a strike on my order completion rate. I’m not creating this post for complaining tho, I just want to correct the information as well. Hope you all have a good day! :sunny:


Thank again Youssef for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s awful - this has got be stopped somehow.


Thank you for sharing, Youssef!

And there we were, hoping that they were trying to fix the problem that’s not our fault… Hopefully, they’ll do it at some point, this is seriously not ok.


I was really excited regarding their first response, it was like they finally did listen to what we face & what really affects us negatively on the platform. Maybe they have other plans regarding order cancellation or maybe they’ll keep it that way, who knows!


I can’t find the words for how disappointed I am.

I hope they get this fixed soon.


This is exactly what happened with me. One of the support members was quite sure that I won’t face a demotion as the cancellation was tagged as buyer error. I contacted again and quoted what I was told before. In the end I was told, their developers are still trying to correct this and there’s no timeline on when it might get fixed (if it ever will be, that is)


Hi Youssef, I understand my partner told that it was not going to be included, I do apologize for the misunderstanding, that information was not correct.

Hi, Youssef!

Yikes! So, it really depends on the CS rep that’s assigned to a ticket, people are getting different answers. Which makes everything, even more, confusing! The message should be universal as appose to drip drop - misinformation. Imagine different sellers coming on here sharing what CS has told them? It’s a mess all around!


I think it was actually correct info the first time - what if the fact that we posted that info on the forum was a problem for CS, as they weren’t ready for more sellers to assault them with cancellation requests that shouldn’t affect them?

Maybe they’ve changed their minds after seeing the consequence of spilling those beans :eyes:


I mean really, to get the good news on the forum that they have finally corrected this, then to have that taken away and be told it was a mistake, is beyond my ability to take it in.


At this point, it’s better to take things with a grain of salt.

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They know it’s wrong to do this to sellers and I understand the difficulties with finding an easy answer to this. However, some solution needs to be found. I hope this is not going to stay this way indefinitely.

It might mean taking each case and deciding it by customer support on a case by case basis. Maybe there could be a team dedicated to deciding these individual cases and if that’s what it takes, then that might be the solution.


No - that’s just called incompetency.

It’s got to be one rule for all users or none at all - they can’t cherry pick.


I agree! This is why CS should have a universal message to avoid the mass confusion. Of course, at the same time finding a way to fix this problem.


We now have good sellers who do not deserve to be demoted, getting demoted due to buyers cancelling orders for things like changing their minds.

This surely can’t be the way fiverr wants to keep things.

One seller said she was demoted because of six orders like this where a buyer changed his mind.

It’s demoralizing when this kind of thing is going on.


See, this is another good example. This is why people are frustrated because of being told something, got their hopes up high and :bomb: it came back to bite.


This surely can’t be the way fiverr wants to keep things.

Why not? They’ve got the ‘editorial focus’ going on - in other words, we’ve got to follow the ToS and anything else they decided to change/add which isn’t included in the ToS.

it’s like playing football with moving goalposts.


Why not is because fiverr wants to keep good sellers at the proper level they belong at and deserve to be at.

Great - I’m back at ‘new seller’ - cheers! :rofl:

I must have deserved that eh?


Another thing that confuses me, when they say cancellations will affect the order completion but not the evaluation? I’ve seen this posted here often. I don’t understand it.

The mystery thickens!


I take my work here extremely seriously. I expect a level of fairness. This is not a game to me.

I’ve always been dealt with fairly. I’ve always been pleased with how this site has been run overall. This is concerning.