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Correction after delivery

Is it possible to deliver corrected design after first delivery on deadline day


yeah! it’s possible!!!

You may redeliver an order if needed, yes.

Do NOT use the deliver button to intentionally deliver incomplete orders, however, as this is a violation of the ToS.


This. Very much this.

However, if you’ve made an honest mistake, or have a corrected design to deliver, just use the “deliver again” button.


Okay thanks for your replies, but if i use the deliver button, hope it will not affect my delivery rating?

Nothing to worry about. I “deliver again” all of the time. It happens for many reasons. For example, often the buyer will ask to have something changed or fixed without hitting the “request modification” button. Other times, I have reviewed a file I sent, and discovered a mistake, and proactively fixed it. And still other times, I’ve decided to just send another take as a bonus. All of these cases result in a new delivery. Nothing negative about it. Just keep doing what’s best for your buyer, and success will follow.

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there will not be any problems if the delivery time is not over/ you made a late delivery.