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Correlation between "promoted gigs" and being demoted to the last page

It seems there is a correlation between using the new “promoted gigs” feature and being demoted to the last page in any given category.

I’ve been one of the top sellers in the video category since 2012 and tried the “promoted gigs” feature about 2 weeks ago just to see if it would help bring in more sales. Unprovoked by any issues with buyers (everything was fine and my buyers are 100% happy) I received a notification that none of my gigs qualify for this promo anymore due to quality. I thought that was strange since the quality of my gigs is undoubtedly excellent. Just a few days ago, a household brand that we all know and love hired me for training videos. Quality most certainly is not an issue. Again, my buyers are always happy and there have been 0 issues with orders to provoke a demotion in the system. I say this not to gloat, but rather, to provide context regarding the issue.

After receiving a notification that my gigs can no longer be promoted, my profile suddenly sank to the last page in the video production category. Fortunately, customer support was able to rectify the issue and the problem was fixed within 24 hours.

Flash forward to one week later, and again, the same issue occurred. Support now claims the algorithm caused this to happen but won’t disclose any further information.

Upon further review, it appears other people here on this forum are experiencing this same issue.

I hope that sharing my experience here publicly as a seasoned seller will encourage other people to post here and also message support if they are facing the same issue. You aren’t alone. I also hope that by posting here, this issue will be brought to the attention of the development team because CS is refusing to take this bug seriously.

Please comment below if you’ve had a similar issue.


Hi there @alliemadison12 good to see a seasoned seller return to the forum.

A lot of sellers are experiencing what you just described.

A common element in everyone’s story is that everything was “A-OK” with their gigs and all of their clients were happy.

However, I am now noticing a trend: a handful of sellers I observed after having read their posts, have had at least one order go south about a month before their gigs started tanking.

Do you remember having any problems with any buyers roughly 30 days before you had your promoted gigs feature revoked?

I created a post a few days back in which I share some observations I made about how Fiverr made some recent changes in calculating a seller’s overall performance, which in turn affects your gig’s visibility.


Thank you for the warm welcome. Glad to be here! That is very interesting insight. Yes, I had 2 challenging buyers a little over a month ago. Could you link me to the discussion you’re referencing? That’s very helpful information.



Here you go:


Hey Frank! I had an order cancelation and then I faced this problem as well, I opened case with CS and told them that order had to be canceled since buyer was being unprofessional and trying to scam me; they realized the sensitivity of my issue and fixed that cancelation problem where agent also told me that this fix wont hurt my account health. After that my order completion rate was back to 100%. And yet it has been over 20 days I have completed almost 10 orders after that and yet I am facing this problem. I hope it gets sorted; do you believe that it is due to algorithm changes or is it being caused by a bug?