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Cost of gigs


just a warning to any newbies please shop around i went from a simple $5 gig to $300 gig for simple website so when buying make sure you contact as many possible to get a good deal.


Sometime some website look very simple and plain but need a lot of custom coding that’s why designer need to quote higher.


I do not understand… people want $60-$175 for 50 multiple choice questions… This site is a ripoff. These sellers are rude and pushy. Always asking for my passwords. I would rather fail


I always send a message first to ask about pricing for exactly what I’m asking. That way there are no surprises. So far I’ve only had one seller decide to charge more than what they asked. I just cancelled the gig and fiverr gave my money back.


All my gigs are $5 dollars and I have my price structure on my description and video.

Pick the ones that have clear descriptions.


To @ashokp007, @glowindia, @crystalpetitti and @dollhouse116 - sorry to hear that this has happened to each of you guys.

It’s important to always remember that you have a choice, at every step of the way. You are free to request a refund at any point (up until you mark an order as “complete,”) and if you feel that a Seller is bullying you or being rude, you should report this to Customer Support straight away.

Most of us Sellers here aren’t like that at all - it’s a shame to hear about the few who are. Keep in mind that Fiverr always has your back, and best of luck out there!


Reply to @crystalpetitti: 50 multiple choice questions takes less than a day and half, and that would mean $10-20/hour. Stear clear from someone asking you more than $10/hour. Not every developer is like that. I could do such a job in a day for like $15 in total.