Costumers that use our work in inappropriate ways


Hi there everyone!

So, i have a ‘hold your sign’ gig here on fiverr (here it is -->

and iv had costumers manipulate my pictures, iv also had people using them for adult related work, even though its CLEARLY stated in my gig description that i do NOT agree to that.

Once i had a costumer buy my photos and later on removed my cloths with photoshop and he used them for adult websites.

I have seen this same person do the same thing to other fiverr sellers also.

Iv also just recently come across a guy who says he will use our work for a cat and dog books site, when infact he is using it for lesbian adult books.

Its just so bloody wrong. I mean, there is nothing wrong with the industry itself, but

If we wanted to do that kind of stuff, we would not be on fiverr and sell our work for $5, we would instead do adult work and make 1000s… Now we have chosen NOT to do adult related work and its just so low of costumers to clearly go against our wish in regards to what we can and CANNOT do.

Now… my question is…

Is our work copy righted or protected in ANY way?

If not, then What steps can i take as a seller to be protected?

What can i do when i find out that my work has been manipulated or used inappropriately?

Thanks you guys <3


I think the work you produce is not copyrighted and it will be difficult to have restrictions over people who misuses your pictures as you didn’t mention anything about copyrights on your profile.

We will see what TRS and the others have to say about this. I’m sorry that it has happened to you.


Thanks for reply sweet.

Well, i didn’t write anything about copy right as im not even sure if we automatically have it or not?

Not quite sure how it works…

Of course id mention that if i in fact DID have it so that i could avoid this kind of craziness :slight_smile:

Its sad as iv seen not only my own work and the other ‘hold your sign’ girls work get into the hands of costumers that misuse it, this is very spread out. even to video testimonials etc…


@seducea someone altering your images in the way you have described has nothing to do with copyright and everything to do with defamation of character. How you would approach this though is another matter and you would need to put appropriate wording on the gig that is broad enough to address this.


Images on the internet are tricky, its hard to force copyright on them. As this is your modelling gig, you can only warn the customer not to use your work that defames you as a person. Its hard to handle this to be honest. I checked your gig and noticed you have worded it correctly yet some abusers are going to be using the service in manner they see fit. Sorry about that. That’s just how customers work in this world. :frowning:


@ Markp

lol… if i did that id run out of characters before id even start describing the basic gig offers :stuck_out_tongue:

But lets say i go ahead and do the changes to my description.

What can be done if they STILL go ahead and break the agreement?

I thought Copyright is a legal right that creators have to copy and distribute their work, it keeps others from copying, distributing or CHANGING their work against the creators wish.


So we are not protected in any way here on fiverr is that correct? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


i experienced the same thing. some sellers used my moondancing videos to make fun of me and MJ. there must be a way to protect sellers!


So sorry to hear that tumichael2 :frowning:

Iv actually written to costumer care about this but i had no reply what so ever.


Reply to @seducea: It is a bit creepy to know that people are also misusing video testimonials as I have just started working on it. I do however, check on the background of my buyer before I work :wink: you can simply type on google seducea thumb

to know the activities of buyers :wink: Replace ‘seducea’ to any other names. I found that this is helpful because I have noticed one of the buyers buying fetish things on Fiverr and I declined the video testimonial offer :wink:


I think the sheriff will know better. Might need for Bachas85 to come in here to help you


I also check on all my buyers when possible, before i go ahead and start the order.

BUT… that doesnt always mean that they cannot lie :slight_smile:

For example:

a buyer has bought quite a few gigs from many different fiverr sellers.

This is the website he wants us to promote -->

It looks great and all, all i could see first time i checked it out was that its books on cats and dogs. So i had no problems working with him as it seamed genuine.

But as i went back later on and scrolled down to the very bottom i saw a surprise…

If you check it out and click on that image of me… you will come to a youtube channel were you can see quite a few video testimonials from girls on fiverr, im not sure if they know that their testimonials are used to promote lesbian adult books, or if they think, just as i did,… that its a website on books about cats and dogs.

This is just an example… and its not even amongs the real bad once… this is really not all that terrible in comparison. I still do not want my work used this way.

It would be great to know what steps i can take to get him and all others that misuse our services, to remove their inappropriate use of our work.

We should have sum kind of protection, no?


Reply to @seducea: You cannot guarantee where buyers will post the videos. As long as they don’t modify the video or pictures, I think we can’t say anything about copyright. But for your case, where the buyer modified your picture, that is definitely wrong.

I saw where your picture is placed and it is written the buyer’s website URL etc. So in this case, I think we can’t control the ‘hidden’ purpose of the work delivered unless you are willing to do a thorough check on each buyer’s website before taking orders




Reply to @seducea: I know :frowning: See how people are manipulating women for advertisement on adult sites? That’s gross. Were those videos of other sellers present there when you checked? That should have given you some sort of hint.


Reply to @jasveena:

Well, see that’s my point.

I have clearly stated that i do NOT want them to use my work in anything adult related.

If they still go ahead and do so, they are going against our agreement.

Its wrong.

Manipulating or even using the pics inappropriately is NOT right, when clearly stated that i do not want it to be used in such a way.

PS: i did a thorough check on the site before i went ahead with the order. That image was added later, AFTER delivery.




Reply to @bachas85: here comes Bachas85 ;)) Just curious, have you ever found any of your videos being misused because I’m having a video testimonial gig now so I’m concerned about that. So far, I know where are the videos being used so no issues with existing videos :wink:


okey… thanks you guys for ur thoughts and suggestions <3

I wrote to the buyer and told him i have copy rights and that him using my pictures in adult related work goes against our sales agreement as it is clearly stated in the description that i do not want my pictures used that way…

Now he has removed the picture :slight_smile:

I think thats great!

So, even though we can not always, always control who buys and then manipulates or uses our work in ways we do not want to… it definitely helps telling them its copy righted, even if its not… lol


There is a difference between work for hire (in which you don’t have copyright over your work, your employer does) and selling a product. You write a book? When you sell the rights to publish or you self publish and sell it to a reader, they don’t get to publish it themselves and edit your name out. Same with Fiverr: someone paying 5 bucks (or any amount of money) can’t buy the copyright to your work and can’t use it commercially UNLESS they also purchase the copyright (which is a personal contract between you and them and if they violate it by shooping your image into a nude, that’s a breech and they should and can be sued-after a cease and desist).

You’re selling a photo for private use, or limited commercial use (they don’t hold the copyright) unless you negotiate a sale of the rights with them. Unstated? They don’t have the copyright, you should be able to sue or send a letter to get the domain shut down or remove your images. Unfortunately, if you had a lawyer on retainer, you probably wouldn’t be on fiverr.