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Could buyer change their given review?

If any buyer wanna change his given review, is that possible?

Advance thanks.

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No, buyers cannot change their reviews anymore. If you want them to change their review, only you have the power to request them to change their reviews, otherwise the review is permanent.

How can i request them? have there any time frame? can buyer change their review whenever they want if i send request?

Thanks a lot.

Do i need to use Resolution Center?

Yes, you have to use the resolution center to request a review change. If you do a quick search on the Fiverr Customer Support site, you’ll find everything you need:

Note, however:

Request Feedback Revision: We don’t recommend this option as we take the buyer’s opinion seriously. However, we do allow you to contact the buyer through the Resolution Center and request feedback revision.

Requesting feedback revisions are limited. Repeatedly using this option may cause your account to be blocked.


Got It.
Thanks a lot.

yes they can! just go to resolution on order page! select ask buyer to modify the feedback and then they will get your request to edit it :slight_smile:

Yes buyer can
You need to request for change review
Note that: It has a given period to change the review

And its against Fiverr TOS to request again an again to change the review