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Could Fiverr create a calendar?

I would find a calendar feature really useful to show potential and repeat buyers my availability, and not have to explain that I’m away this weekend or working late or just having some time out. Sometimes I switch my gig off, just for a breather, having a full time job and juggling fiverr can be quite demanding. Even when I switch my gig off, I get emails from repeat clients asking when will I be back, etc. I’m going on holiday for 2 weeks and intend to be completely internet free, no emails, no phones, no demands, but it will take real will power not to check. Any thoughts?

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You could post this in the suggestions area, and/or send it to the team. I would certainly get behind this idea! Right now I just message my regular buyers and leave a message on my profile about my leave during vacation mode.

I second this suggestion. This would be so handy for all those buyers knowing your schedule.

I also support this motion, right now I’m just having a similar situation but it’s because (fortunately) I’m getting a high demand of offers and jobs from my gigs and I’d like to be able to organize all the orders within a calendar that allows clients to see my current availability. That to avoid receiving a big order while already doing one and have to ask for the new customer to wait or give me more time.

You are replying 4 years later. Maybe you didn’t notice.

The moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected.

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Oh, sorry, I misunderstood the date over the comments of this post. But I’m looking for a solution to this subject, I was hoping to find something around the forum section

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Just create your own topic and you can pose your question and get answers relevant to the current situation.

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There is a solution that already exists. Fiverr has this feature called “vacation mode” (AKA out of office mode). You can use this feature to let your buyers know when you are not available.

This feature also has an added option where you can block Fiverr users from contacting you or ordering from you while you are unavailable.

U need to let your clients know when u be coming back