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Could Fiverr review their seller protection?

Does anyone else feel like sellers get very little protection on Fiverr?

Example. Buyer orders on one of my gigs that is 24 hour delivery. They decide to do so without talking to me despite the requirements specifically asking to confirm they have spoken to me.

The requirements are so vague I need more information. I reply within minutes of the order being placed and no response. 5 more messages no reply. Resolution Center no reply.

The order is now late and Fiverr email me saying it will impact my ranking!? Where is that fair to sellers. The other option is I try to cancel and that impacts my ranking.

I would really like Fiverr to review seller protection on the site and I feel like we are just left hanging.

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Fiverr doesn’t make buyers contact you before ordering … and their is no way you can make them either.

Ask CS to cancel the order.

Bear in mind that in future you can a) ask the buyer for an extension b) ask CS to cancel - both of these should be done well before delivery time goes late.


Appreciate that but they ordered a 24 hour delivery without necessary requirements and then don’t respond to messages is my point. Impossible for it not to be late. This is the fault of the buyer entirely yet the seller is punished for it.

I feel there is a lack of protection in these instances for the seller.

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1 day turnaround is a risk. At the moment, with things as they are, it’s going to take at least 2 days for CS to get back to you. My advice is to extend all deliveries to at least 3 days.


Yes you are missing my point. How can i extend something without a buyer responding? I then get punished for a buyer not replying. There is no sense here. Regardless of the delivery timescales., the seller needs to have some protection when it is the buyer who is not responsive.

I get penalised for low response rates/cancellation rates so why don’t buyers? The way the site works appears to be it is always the fault of the seller.

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I have your point. You’re complaining that a buyer did something you can’t control. And my suggesion is do what you can control.


I’m not complaining about control, I’m saying there isn’t any seller protection. If it were a 2 day/3 day order the same applies. Anyway… life goes on. However, seller protection needs some review.