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Could I get negative feedback before delivery?

A buyer did not read my provided service clearly described and paid immediately and then requested a whole different thing that cost a lot more. I made an custom offer for him and of course he rejected. I have tried to cancel the order through resolution center and I was warned by Fiverr that my business will be hurt. e.g. completion rate and listing placement etc. Isn’t it very unfair to seller? Or is there any other way to cancel an order so that I (as a seller) am not affected?

(Now I haven’t delivered yet, of course)


No. You could not I get negative feedback before delivery.

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You cannot get a review from a customer before delivery.
Also, regarding your specific issue, you might want to create a ticket with the customer support and let them know your issue. They may be able to get the order cancelled without it affecting your completion rate. Otherwise, you can just get a mutual cancellation with the consent of your buyer. Although it will affect your stats, I have found that for most customers, it doesn’t play much of a role in their judgement of your work. Unless you already have cancelled another few order, your rate probably wouldn’t go down below 90%, so it might not hurt your seller level as well if that is what you are worried about.

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Where to open a ticket?

Should I cancel the order through resolution
center first now or opening the ticket first?

By the way, are you sure that before the delivery expires, buyer cannot leave any negative feedback?

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“before the delivery if you failed to deliver on time?” What r u talking about?

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Buyers can only leave a review for a delivered order. There’s one exception: once the order is very late, buyers can cancel it from their end, and the seller gets an automated 1 star review stating that the order was cancelled and that the seller failed to deliver on time.


Hi. Before expected delivery time and that I haven’t clicked on “Deliver”. If an order is cancelled, will my listing placement or other selling factors be affected? This is not avoidable?

Gigs usually sink in search (listing) after cancellation. Plus there’s the completion rate, which might affect your eligibility for the promotion to the next level (or cost you your current level, unless you have no level yet).

EDIT: I’ve checked your profile, you have no level you could lose, you got your last review 3 years ago, and with all the bad reviews you’ve got, it’s a miracle you got an order at all. I’m not sure either a cancellation or a bad review would really make it worse than it already is.

You can try asking Customer Support to cancel the order for you without affecting your stats, but they might take quite a while to respond, and when they do respond, they might inform you that your stats will be affected.


Yes, absolutely sure that they can’t leave a feedback before an order is completed. And to open a ticket, go to the help and support option that you can find on the bottom of the page, or click here:
Before you cancel the order, you might want to open up the ticket although it might not be of much help since the Fiverr support team has been taking way too much time in responding to tickets as of late.

Its better to cancel the order than getting negative reviews. (My opinion)

because in future if a clients see negative reviews on your gig he/she may not interest to order on your gig. so better to cancel the order.

why u cancel the order are you worry