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Could I get some advice on how to improve my gig?

Hello, I’m really new to Fiverr and I’m not sure if my gig is attractive. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :smile:

My gig -


This is… pretty good. The video clip you chose isn’t the most flattering in visuals, but does demonstrate the captions.
My only reservation is that you offer ‘prefect syncing’ but that isn’t demonstrated.


You’re price is already set to $5 for 10 minutes. I’m not sure how you can offer a lower price.
It’s hard to balance price, especially when you have something with a LOT of talking verses a video that’s like your demo, and it’s just balancing the amount of text on screen at once and the duration it’s on screen.
Your price also doesn’t take multiple speakers into consideration. You have to be able to differentiate who’s speaking when, esp. if they’re off-screen.

I don’t have the solutions for you, but I hope this gives you something to consider.

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Thank you very much for the reply! I will clear these things up. :smile:

Happy new year!