Could i Send links to Buyers?


I’ve a website that includes my Work .

Could i send an offer for a buyer telling him to check my Videos on the site, then he may order one of them here on fiver ?

For example,

i’ve a website includes 50 Intro that i made … could i tell him to choose one of them and tell me to make it On fiverr ?

Cause i can’t send the whole 50 Videos on fiverr


So from what I’ve seen linkage to other sites is pretty locked down, they don’t want you to do it.

you can include the vidoes in your Fiverr portfolio and direct them there.

ON your personal website where you have items you can tell those who do not know of fiverr to “HIRE ME ON FIVERR” and have a link to your fiverr profile.

Other than that, I think those might be your best options.



Thanks Amy for your Great Reply, Got it ^^


Yes you can send them the link, basically when a buyer asks you for a profolio where you store samples, say like dropbox, drive etc. you can send them the link to that site… Term. Don’t shorten the link through ppc, send the full link as is on the site info tab.


No you are not allowed to share your personal website with clients.

Only approved URL’s can be used to showcase your portfolio. You can find more information here:


Considering the information from @annai80, you can upload all your videos to a public or a private YouTube channel and promote that on your profile.

I’m not suggesting this, but if you can promote a Youtube channel then that can lead to any website :slight_smile: