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Could linking my twitter go against TOS if it has links for other ways to contact me?

As of right now, I don’t have my twitter account linked, but in my twitter I have a link to my website that has links for other ways to contact for gigs either by contacting me directly or through other services. I don’t intend to guide or shill my twitter to my clients, but I want to be in the know that nothing will happen to my account… That would be the last thing I would want.


I wouldn’t link them if that is your concern.

However, I have my Twitter and Facebook accounts linked to my Fiverr account and I’m sure they could help you to find me if you really wanted to.

The key here is, will I encourage someone who contacts me that way to hire me off-Fiverr?

That’s where the true Fiverr ToS violation exists.

Your call if you have someone from Fiverr contact you that way and you don’t encourage them to place their order via Fiverr.


I see, thank you for the insight.

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