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Could not create gig, strange issue


I tried to create a gig, turns out that even though I had written the gig to 700+ char the error descriptions still “Description should be at least 120 long”, >> (That’s the 1st strange issue)

Okay, I tried to report it by contacting the Fiverr support and choose the drop-down option “I’m unable to create a gig” , still I could not report it cause I had to input the Gig URL, I still unable to create a gig, how come the gig URL is mandatory? >> (That’s the 2nd strange issue)

Is there anyone else having the same issues?


This may be helpful to you:

welcome… good luck dear

You can try to remove any special character to see if it works.
Remember, just keep “letters and numbers”

You get url as soon as you complete first step (Overview section).
You can copy from address bar.