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Could someone give me criticism on my gig description?


Hey Fivver community!

I’ve been doing social media work for local clients around my area in NC for a few years now. However I’m ready to start getting online gigs as well for more experience under my portfolio.

I’m really hungry to get my first gig, and definitely put some thought into my description, but I’m definitely still considered a newbie to the freelance community. (Fivver and UpWork)

So, I’d love to have someone give me some tips and insight on how to improve!


I’m sure I can handle anything that comes my way. :wink:

Link below:

My First Gig


As you are on the Fiverr platform best not to mention another platform by name.

Suggest you check out other gigs in your category re pricing. New sellers usually offer lower prices until they move up the levels.