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Could someone post what buyers now see when orders are delivered please?

I know that it has been less than 24-hours. However, I’ve delivered three orders which have featured the new delivery options whatever it is.

All these orders have been delivered to semi-regulars who usually mark them as complete immediately. In these three cases, though, they haven’t. I am, therefore, wondering if these buyers are even aware I have delivered their orders and/or are now simply not being encouraged to take any action after delivery.

I am not really comfortable sending follow up messages. (I used to do this but it often seems like an invitation for unnecessary/FOC revisions). In this case, could anyone who has bought something in the past 24-hours, post a screenshot of what their delivery nnow looks like?

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Hm, how does that work… wouldn’t that have to be a screenshot by a buyer who knows that their seller (already) has that new beta feature/test thing/whatever it is?

OT for Andy

Are your gigs paused? I was looking you up in the app just now to see if you have a gig for short articles active and I can only see your profile and the Contact button. I typed in names of two other people to check if it’s my phone/app but their gigs showed up fine.

No, but my Fiverr gigs have been exiled from the search for some time.

I didn’t think of this… :slight_smile:

Oh… but shouldn’t I still be able to see them when I search for and click on your profile? That’s not good if no, I’ll look again from desktop, I know I’ve seen your gigs not long ago.

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You should be able to but you probably won’t. It’s not a big deal.

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I just received a file from my seller, and there seems to be no significant change in how buyers view deliveries.


I have yet to receive the update myself, so not really sure what happens when the seller actually has the new delivery mechanism activated.