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Could someone review my gig and give me some advice please? Thanks!


I haven’t had any hits or interest shown in my gig and its been months since I started. I could use some experienced advice as to what I might need to change in order to attract business.


I am a trained voice actor as well. One thing that I notice in your gig video (i.e., voice samples) is that they all sound much the same (with minor variations depending upon the copy). If you are seeking to improve your presentation, perhaps it might be beneficial to show a greater range in your voice. Can you do a deeper, raspier voice? Can you impersonate a famous voice? Can you alter your voice in other ways, so as to show a greater range of voice skills?

Right now, while you do have a good recording voice, you don’t really stand out from every other voice actor. You don’t have anything unique about your voice, and you don’t present all that wide of a range to your voice. Perhaps, if you offer other, more noticeable voice options, you might increase you chances of being hired.

As far as your gig’s visibility… where have you marketed or promoted your voice services? As much as I hate to say this, there are hundreds of voice actors here on Fiverr (some great, while others aren’t event talents at all). Your field of competition is immense here on Fiverr. You might not get noticed if you don’t stand out. So, to bypass that vast category of competition, you’re going to have to market and promote yourself outside of Fiverr. Bring in new customers. Take the market by the horns and promote, promote, promote.


Thanks! I greatly appreciate the advice!


You’re welcome. …