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Could someone take a look at my gig descriptions, and tell me what needs to be improved?


Hello, Fiverrverse. First, I’d like to say that I am not a newbie, so I’m not looking for any advice on how to get more customers or how to advertise my gigs. However, I do need my gigs looked at to see if the descriptions need to be improved. I’m an amateur proofreader and editor, and that gig has been doing quite well, but I also offer a gig where I give advice, and that gig hasn’t had any customers. I think the problem lies within the gig description, and I would like to correct it and make it more attractive to potential customers. So, any advice concerning my gig descriptions (for my proofreading gig and my advice gig) will be much appreciated. I find that tweaking a description every now and then can lead to a description that is concise and almost perfect in every way!


I think you’re description is fine. You might ask a few people you know to order from you and give you some reviews so that the advice gig gets placed higher in search ratings. I’ve seen that advice for fiverr before and think it could work.


I’ll try that, but I don’t want my customers to give me ‘free-money’, so I’d have to ask them to order it only if they have a real question or issue that they need to be advised on. Thanks for the great idea.


Thank you for your advice, and I’ll take what you have said into consideration. And I’m not looking for experts, I’m just looking for advice and opinions. :smiley:


Hmmm, I can’t say I’m an expert seller, but you might benefit from separating your gig description into smaller paragraphs. When I first started Fiverr, I had gig descriptions like yours. After I formatted them differently, I started getting more orders. I mean, obviously this can’t be deemed as a direct correlation, but it couldn’t hurt. Try playing around with different formatting or styles of writing every couple of weeks and experiment with what you think works best.

Another piece of advice is to check gigs that are similar to yours and are doing well. Try and pull some inspiration from their descriptions.


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