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Could someone take a look at my gigs


Like the title says, could someone go through my profile and my gigs and let me know how could I improve on sales. I send a lot of custom offers through the “Buyer Requests”, however, I barely get anyone to reply to me.

Thank you!


Didn’t look super closely (I’m lazy lol) but here are some things I noticed right off the bat.

Your profile seems kind of casual near the end. Not a big issue, I just don’t think that mentioning hobbies and such is super relevant.

The actual video which you receive will be much better compared to the sample and may include images according to the customers requirements

Shouldn’t samples represent the best of your work? I’m too lazy to actually open the videos, but maybe putting this line here isn’t a good idea.


Thank you for the tips. I changed them right away. The description was a fiverr automated one and I totally forgot to change it.


Facing the same issue .I think number of sellers has increased a lot that’s why it’s going like this .


@somaginer1996 can you please have a look at mine as well? i am trying to check if my gig comes as active or not? i just saw a publish button and no activate button as mentioned in quite . afew forum posts that i read up. thanks


If you want help you need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig.