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Could this be a bug?


Hello everyone,

It was around same time last week when Fiverr asked me for verification, I took my phone and take pictures of my state ID and then took a selfie. I submitted it and within a second I got a notification they could not verify my id. The instruction in the mail was to retake a clear picture of my ID and verify again.

I had to repeat this thrice, and I tried to verify again and my account got restricted. After 24hrs, I got a mail notifying me that my account permanently banned. I lost my hope as I can never get on Fiverr again.

However, today I receive an email saying they were unable to verify my ID, I should contact customer support. I did and attached my ID again. Could it be that there are some bugs Fiverr is not aware of?

I want to know if there is any specific ID suitable for verification?
What can I do to get my account back ASAP?
Thanks for your replies

Verification of my account

No idea I’m afraid. Where I am we’re not required to have a national ID.

My driving licence picture’s in black and white. It pretty much looks like this:

How it would compare with a selfie, I have no idea.

I hope you get some better news from CS.


ThanKS for the reply