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Could this be a scam?

Hi, hoping someone can share some light on my current situation.

My buyer requested a revision, I then messaged to confirm it and get some more information on the what he wanted me to look at again. 30 days later, no reply. Today, I sent the original piece of work back to him because I wanted to get a response back, and an hour later he declines it requesting a revision again with no written reason other than ‘I will report you’. It is already of the highest standard possible, however I would have been willing to revise the areas he wanted me to look at again. For reference, this gig was for proof-reading and light editing. I am an editor for a publishing company so this is my career. I changed all grammatical errors in the document and sentence structures, but I only did light editing as that is what the gig describes. I don’t want to be rude but what if this was a way of a potential mini-scam and the buyer gets his $5 back? I looked at contacting support but there are no options or categories of this type and I will just have to send a general enquiry.

I’m a little stuck what to do…


Oh dear - you have the infamous “unlimited revisions” for the basic package on that gig, so there’s not a lot you can do.

Report it to CS, explain the situation, keep delivering the finished document … and eventually one of you will get fed up and go away.

Basic gigs should never have unlimited revisions.


If you have unlimited revisions then that’s what you have to do. You really have set yourself up for this kind of abuse with that phrase. You are at his mercy.

You can message customer support and tell them all this but if they see you offer unlimited revisions I’m not sure if they can help. He probably wants a refund and is doing this hoping you will cancel.

Send a general inquiry to customer support.

Tell them he is abusing the revision button because he does not say what he wants to have revised on the document.