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Could we Ever have a way to Petition Fiverr for Change We Want to See?

A couple of weeks ago, I had a buyer spam me with 17 messages. After blocking this buyer, he then placed an order and asked me for my Skype address.

Long story short, I would NEVER agree to willingly work with such a person. I was bound to complete this persons order, however, (after insisting that they provide written text instructions) due to the fact that canceled orders can be pretty devastating as far as ranking goes.

So, I did provide this person with 300 words of content exactly to their specifications. The only problem? According to them, I completely missed the mark and they asked for a refund. - Talk about being predictable.

I refused and directed the buyer to CS, never to hear from them again. The only problem is that today, I have noticed that my orders completed ratio has dropped to 98%. Looking, I now can’t find the order in question anywhere in my pending clearance or completed orders line up. In this case, I’m guessing that the buyer has somehow managed to wrangle a refund.

Now, this really annoys me. My only canceled orders this year are the result of people saying “sorry, I ordered by mistake,” or people ordering products which I do not and have never provided.

In this case, would it be so hard to add a function to the resolution center where if buyers place an order by mistake or scam buyers place orders after sellers have declined projects, orders can be canceled without adverse effects on rankings?

Situations like this simply aren’t fair and the function would be easy to implement given the fact that mutual cancellations used to be treated this way anyway.


I know how you feel. For past few days only messages I’ve been getting are people wanting to work with through w hat sapp and Sky Pie. It’s been a rough few days mate, really damn rough.

I remember one of the Academy’s pages (go figure, it’s about “Minimizing Cancellations”, too :smirk: ) stated that we have the choice to, and I quote: "Just Say No".

And yet, here we are, with no power to say No without suffering the repercussions of doing that :confused:


Yes, it bothers me that there is a resolution center option to say that a buyer has ordered by mistake. This being the case, I don’t understand why such cancellations (if the buyer agrees that they ordered in error) should count against sellers.


Because it’s easier to just put them all in the same basket as opposed to filtering & weighing them individually? Plus the need to verify each order to see if the seller didn’t misuse the resolution center and lied about the order being a mistake, etc.

If you want to cancel an order without getting a negative rating on your cancellation chart, you can cancel the order yourself, and if the buyer agrees to it, you won’t get a strike on the cancellation, but if the buyer cancels first, then you’ll get a strike for the cancellation, at least that’s what happened to me.

The cancellation counts against your account regardless of who initiated it - buyer or seller.


I think sellers should be allowed at least one or two (or %) freebies a month, based on level.


Freebies? As in mutual cancellations that don’t affect us? :heart_eyes:


Why not?

Everyone knows that for all Level 2 & up; there are a few newbie buyers who genuinely make a mistake and those scammers who try to force their way in. I think everyone should be allowed at least 1 and maybe more for higher level or a % of orders.


I remember reading it on Fiverrs blog.

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Yeah, now here’s the thing. That’s a very bad idea. In most cases, if it’s evident that a buyer is trying to scam a seller CS will help out by removing the review and preventing the order from being canceled. At least this is what happened to me with a $200 order. Now imagine if we had “Freebies” would CS really put in as much effort?


There is :heavy_plus_sign: and :heavy_minus_sign: to every idea!

Thank You/G :slight_smile:


the only effective solution I can think of is for Fiverr to take a firmer stance against scammers (both sellers and buyers). If a guy threatens to leave a negative review to get more work a seller should be provided protection and have the review removed.

In case of unjustified cancellations, there should be an option available to sellers to contact support on the matter. As things are right now, it’s basically each man for himself for now. Implementing a new rule, option or even a feature is going to be pretty pointless if the overall mentality doesn’t change.

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That’s how it was in the past, then they changed it… :confused:

I guess they have to deal with so many more cancellation- or feedback-related tickets due to the exponentially-increasing number of new sellers, that they decided to change everything by making it easier for them and thus harder for us…

The percentage doesn’t go up if the cancellation is mutual, and in most cases it’s because of the seller being the first to cancel, I’ve tried that before, and have yet to see a cancellation counter on my account…

All my cancellations have been mutual, started by me, and they do count against the completed percentage.


Hence, point proven. In the end, it’s all about whether Fiverr genuinely wants to help sellers out. Sometimes I wonder, is a success manager actually any help?

Not really. Especially since they randomly ditch you when your sales start going down after implementing all their advice.

Do what I do. Pickle your brain in coffee and stop relying on other peoples ideas. Success manager = “I want to seem important and justify my existence by telling you who knows your job how to do it better. Please ignore the fact that I have no idea what you do.”

That said my first success manager was pretty cool. He even looked cool. RIP Steve, William or whomever you were.

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Sometimes I wonder who comes up with all these “changes” and new “principles” for Fiverr to follow. It’s incredible how Fiverr can do a complete overhaul of the sites UI but can’t manage to do anything to help make the site easier and better for everyone to use.
So, did things pick up for you again?
What does a guy have to do to get a success manager? I wanna sit at the grownups table too dammit.