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Could you give me some tips on how I can get my first clients?


I started Fiverr about a week ago and did my best to get as many tips as possible to get my first clients, including promoting them on Facebook, twitter etc.). I would LOVE to get some feedbacks on my profile because I"m not too sure what to do next.
Thank you!


I can see you got your first review :slight_smile: Congratz! I got my 1st project from buyer request :wink: You can try your luck there :wink:
There are plenty of discussion on the forum to improve sell :wink: you can search and read.
I have 1 suggested discussion for you >>


Cool, thank you. I will look it up! My first order was from a family member…


lol that’s a bad practice :wink: Don’t tell it anyone :open_mouth:
And Good Luck With sells.


Well, I don’t wanted to keep the reviews blank and no of course! :slight_smile:


Be professional and keep price low,