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Could you help me improve my gig?


Dear Community,

I would like to ask your help. I am a member since Aug 2017. I made my firt sale recently. My gigs are data entry, file convertion, bunny advice, digitalize, and fillable pdf making. I read many forum tips how to improve a gig in general but I can not apply it with my gigs.
Could you share about your thoughts when you watch my gigs? That why maybe I can improve my gigs more.

Thank you :heart:


Hi sure, i can check from ‘buyer’ side of view , please share the link of your gig


Thank you


I like the picture which is a need for professional service, but i do not like the description because it’s very short i would suggest to make it little bigger,i would suggest you to give more Q/A since it’s very important for all buyers and offer multiple choices of packages like for example THIS 5$ package then for 20$ you offer something more and 50$ more…

I hope this will help you!
Good luck


Helló Julianna,

The prices of the copy/type/data entry/ Gigs seem too low.

Five dollars for 30 pages equals to 3.26 EUR for 30 pages, pre-tax.
Almost free work. I would rather work in another field.

The “bunny advice” Gig is original but has probably not enough audience on Fiverr.
It would need the support of a blog, or a YouTube channel, or an Instagram channel about bunnies.


I would like to thank you both your answers. I made impovements with my linked gig and after reading your posts I get many new ideas. I become more confident and I will not stop to improve it. :heart:


Best of luck Julianna! :cherry_blossom: