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Could you help me improve my proofreading gig?


I was going strong with my proofreading gig until about early September and then suddenly it’s like it dropped off a cliff. My prices are reasonable. They fall in-between what others are charging on Fiverr and outside of the site. In fact, I have priced my gig for the value you get and count my experience in that. I have a strong background in journalism and a strong skill set as a writer. I use these both to proofread books so that they are done exceptionally well. I take pride in my work and I refuse to undersell my services.

Despite my great reviews, my sales have dried up over the past few months. I have added a proofreading sample to my gig which is a piece of my creative writing. I don’t believe in posting samples of books by authors due to the fact that all books are copyrighted material. I am honest and ethical and I respect the privacy of my clients.

If you have time, please review my gig and give me tips on it. I have recently changed it to reflect three different styles of proofreading. I used to have it where I proofread by word count and one time I had packages that reflected page count. I have tried a wide array of methods to attract sales and new clients. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Here is the link:


Your gig is geared totally to people who are writing a book. That may be too narrow a market. I also highly suspect that the Fiverr algorithm favors gigs that serve a large, wide market.


The thing that strikes my eye the most is that your gig’s URL doesn’t match the gig, URL and gig are for 2 different things.

Maybe try creating a new proofreading gig with a relevant URL and see how that goes.
According to posts by many people, the search algorithm favours the URL above the tags and people who are searching for index/glossary creation might not be looking for proofreading.

Also, you’re not supposed to change gigs in a substantial way because else you may have reviews on a gig for X that you got for doing Y, hence it’s not possible to change a gig’s URL. If you want to “give up” a gig, don’t repurpose it, pause it and create a new one for the new service you have in mind. Editing is for things like changing the description, the pricing, etc., but not to change ‘what the gig is about’. That might be an issue too.

The description in your premium package seems a bit confusing: “Idealistic for writers who need help writing.” Did you actually mean “Idealistic” here or was it a typo and you meant “Ideal”? A typo in a proofreading gig obviously could be a big issue.

“that call themselves authors” I’d definitely change that.

““I do not work nights, weekends or any holidays. Please be respectful of that and order EARLY.””
I’d change that too, apart from it not sounding very welcoming, how you schedule and structure isn’t really anything that concerns your clients beyond that you’ll deliver on time.
It’s confusing IMO, what does it even mean, ‘I’m not supposed to order Thursdays or Fridays because then you’d have to work the weekends?’
Your delivery times should be so that it doesn’t matter when a customer orders, they want to order when they are ready to order, not wonder about which time it is for you right now, whether they may only order on Monday morning your timezone because that’s the only way you’d be able to do their amount of words without a weekend in-between and … 'well, of course I don’t expect you to work at nights but what does that mean for me, I have 50K words, I see a gig for 50K words with 1 week delivery time now may I order that now or not because you didn’t figure nights and weekends in and … how am I supposed to know if you’re on holiday now? (That’s what out of office mode is for, after all, if you’re on holidays you should use that or pause your gigs if you don’t want orders during that.) … I hope you see what I mean, it’s not a buyer’s responsibility to figure out when they should ideally order but you should set up your gig delivery time/words in a way that you can deliver on time, never mind when the customer order (as long as they don’t send more words than they bought with your gig, of course).

Just some ideas, hope it helps, but, as always, the ways of Fiverr’s algorithms are mysterious, it could be none or either or all of the above, or what humanissocial already said, or something else altogether - like, make sure your gig even is showing up in search at all, especially in case you edited it as you said you recently did.
There also could be more competition now with gigs that attract your former clientele more than yours, etc.
Have a look at where in search your gig shows up and what and how others in your niche who show up on the first one or two pages are doing.


Thank you so much for your comment. I have tried changing my URL in the past, but Fiverr CS told me I would lose all the reviews. I wasn’t willing to give that up after working so hard to get them. The index and glossary were the primary focus of the gig in the beginning, but I have transitioned the gig into a proofreading gig. The current gig offers a glossary and/or index as a gig extra, so they are still present in the gig.

Thank you for catching the misuse of idealistic. Yes, I did mean ideal and I will change that. I understand what you’re saying about my scheduling; however, this has never been an issue for my clients. Most of my clients contact me prior to ordering to see how busy I am. They understand when I will work on their document. Unlike many proofreaders on Fiverr who work as part of a team, it is just me proofreading books and nobody else. I keep business hours and people should understand that. I work around daytime banker’s hours, but often I do respond to inquiries at night and over weekends/holidays. Moreover, I have a lot of repeat clients. They are assured I deliver on time because I always deliver the books back early. Time has never been an issue for me.

Up until when Fiverr changed their rating system I was doing fine. I was a level 2 seller with almost too much worker. Now I’m not any level and struggling to get work all because of their algorithms. I have searched for my gig months ago and it never does show up. This was never an issue for me as a level 2 seller. As for being too narrow…I think it’s fine to have a niche. People know what your speciality is then and they trust you more.


Improving a Gig means modifying it. Your answers to the suggestions given mean that you find your Gig just fine, no need to touch it. I am a bit puzzled…


People are looking at my gig but not purchasing it. Therefore, I need help with it. I may end up going back to the word count packages which I initially had a few weeks ago. I try to set myself apart from the average run of the mill proofreader on Fiverr. I seek to help people and deliver ultimately the best product. I have had my share of terrible proofreaders on here, so I’m setting my standards higher.


I am not a proofreader, not even an average run on the mill something or someone that calls himself an author. My opinion is that people don’t buy from you because of your tone. My two eurocents.


Ok, so I will change the description then. What do you think about the packages? Are they clear or confusing?


Aside from the delivery time they seem identical. One may assume that the difference is in the depth of the analysis, but it’s a guess. The number of words is editable, but I don’t think that is needed.


You have a lot of good advice here so I won’t repeat the same stuff. However, on your packages, you have a different “words included” than in the text you have at the top. For example, your basic package is up to 25,000 words but the words included is 1000. Also, in your gig description, you say that all gigs are for 50,000 words. If you make all of the word counts match everywhere, I think the gigs make sense.

If you have room to create new gigs, I would also make one for non-authors. There are a lot of businesses that create lead magnets and white papers that could use your service on smaller word counts.


Oh, another option is to have one package (i.e. proofreading) and have the cost be per 1000 words. This way, people can buy gig multiples that meet their length. I understand the way you have it priced but someone who has 25,001 words may not buy because they are paying a lot more than if they had one word less.

By the way, I use book editors and your prices are right in line with what I see in the marketplace so I would not drop your rate.


I think it is perfect it explains what you do as well as what the customer will receive.