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Could You Please Suggest Me How I can get my first Order on fiverr


I request you all please guide me


There are few ways to make your first order.
Use buyer request page. It’s a gold mine for new sellers.

2. Refer fiverr academy and forum.
3. Promote your gigs to your target audience. ( Don’t use google advert. It’s strictly prohibited.)


Hard work, and an appealing gig that offers a service other people need.


visite those link… hope it will help you…:grinning::grinning:!
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Go to buyers request page. in there you can find lots of projects. But make sure you do them for lowest price first until you stand in fiverr. after that things will be smoother.


Thanks a lot for your valuable advice. But in buyer section there is no request shown to me even if I had a gig in logo design which is almost all time having lots of request.if you can do any type help to resolve this issue i will be more greatful to you.


Thank you Fahim for your guidance .I am sure it will help me a lot to receive more and more order on fiverr. Realy you are a very nice person.thank you once again.


Thanks for your valuable advice to me


Thanks for your advice but I can’t see any buyers request each time I checked. I don’t know if new sellers like me are not qualified to see buyers request