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Could you tell me fiverr serior ? How can get my first order?

Dear fiverr senior,
I haven’t got my first order yet. I am new seller. Could you please tell me. How can i get my first order. My gig

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First of all, don’t use the word “dear” it’s commonly known here on the forum, and it has been discussed a lot of times over the years, that nobody likes that particular word.

Things that are great, your username, it’s a perfect sale. Your gig descriptions are good, but you are lacking some details, maybe you can tell more about your process.

I love your gig photos they are great, and they look like they are made by a pro, and they make you look serious.

Now if I were to place your gig, your video would have turned me off. Personally, I don’t like it because the music in the background is sad, also, the music is louder than you are, and thus, I couldn’t hear your words great.

My suggestion would be to add a few more details in your description and redo your videos with the feedback I had given you on this topic. I hope that this helps.


Here you go!


Thank you so much for your suggestion. I will never uses dear.

thank you for choice my gig photo. and next time I try to made a better video.

finally thank you for your better suggestion. I will add some more details in my gig description.

Thank you so much.

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On top of the other suggestions, is it possible for you to include samples of your work? Even a picture of a site you’ve created would be beneficial.

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Thank you so much. I will never use dear.

Thank you so much sara19841
I provide you some my sample work.

I think she meant including the sample work in your gig. That way customers can get a look at your work.

I’m not sure about the policy on including website links though, so maybe you could include them as screenshots?


Thank you so much for your advice. next time i don’t share my website link.

No, I just meant I wasn’t sure about if it was allowed on the main site. You might have to go through customer support for that.

Links of these nature that are just samples should be fine on the forum though.

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check out this


Thank you so much for sharing guideline get first order.

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