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Couldn't agree with the price with a buyer

My gig’s basic price is 10$. A buyer asked for a job to do but I asked for 30$ for the job. Because that work does not go with my basic price. Now, he is threatening that he will report against me. I reported that line of text to Fiverr and blocked him. So, My question is “am I gonna get a warning”?


No. Unless you’re doing a bait and switch (promising a price to attract people and then trying to change it), it’s fine.


Thank you for your reply :smile:

No. If this “buyer” picked one of your Gigs and it is clearly laid out what that Gig offers for X amount, and they decide they want X + Y - they need to pay additional for Y.

You did good having boundaries and not letting them talk you into more work than what your Gig specifies!

The only caveat is if what visualstudios mentioned.



I have only one package in my gig. I do not have three!

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Maybe you should add another?

If this is a common thing where you find that the buyer’s want something extra on that Gig, it couldn’t hurt and would earn you more $$$!



I am afraid, if I edit my gig it will lose its ranking.

Even if he reports you nothing is gonna happens, whatever is your situation no one has to threat you in private message, at the moment someone threats you, he is automaticly wrong so you just have to report him and block him.


While I understand that, I would imagine you would like to make more money in the long run, right?

Maybe if you are getting requests for this other item, make a Gig for it separately AND add Extras on that Gig.

Everyone should have Extras on their Gigs! It’s a good way to make more money and charge for every type of service you can do linked to that particular Gig.


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Thank you very much for the idea. :smiley:

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He is Level 2 with over 350 sales. 6 orders in the queue, and offering 24/7 unlimited revisions and money-back guarantee.
On GIGs that he has packages are split 10 200 500$. And on this one, he is mentioning he has the most sales and it is priced at 10$.

If you doing things like this got you orders I would not risk changing GIGs. It is already filled with all the errors we recommend not to do in GIG but somehow you have sales.

So, you are right to be worried about losing GIG rank. better create another GIG from scratch for more expensive projects.


This is in another gig. But I was talking about another gig which has only one package.

Don’t worry about this. I often get such threats.

if you see, in your gig it says it STARTS from $10 (it doesn’t say that every work you do will be this price).

What I do?
First in these cases, when I need to charge extra, I clearly explain to my buyers WHY I need to charge extra. Most of them accept this. Some doesn’t like and curse me. In this last case, I always make sure to have it all explained in my gig DESCRIPTION, FAQs (and even warn about this in my gig REQUIREMENTS), that not every order will work for a basic order.

So my suggestion is, keep everything clear in your gig description and faqs. If the buyer doesn’t want to read this, it’s their problem. But ALWAYS try to properly explain why you are charging more than they were expecting.


Thanks a lot for your suggestion!

You try to get the buyer to compromise

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