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Couldn't bid for job offer after a rating of 4.4

Hy, am cultural by nick, I just opened fiverr account and new at selling. I made my first sale getting a rating of 4.4 so I couldn’t bid for any other job…please do well to offer me some help…looking forward to seeing replies

Why do you can’t bid? Is fiverr system restrict you? We don’t understand your question clearly.

Yes, I was restricted, saying you have to have 90% rating b4 I can Bid

I took some time and viewed your account and the 4.4 review the buyer left.
What the buyer said : "she did a very good job"
Since she/he liked your work, take some time and explain how important it is to change the feedback to 5 stars since you are new in fiverr. You have many chances the review will turn from 4.4 to 5.

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I try talking to her, she said no problem that she will, since then she hasn’t reply me and she haven’t done anything. Advice on what to do please

Insist nicely… Until she do it.

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Have been try to, she hasn’t said anything

I am ready sent tons of nice messages, but to no avail

That sucks… Unfortunately, there is nothing else you can do. Hope she replies…

Since she already accepted to change the review, why can you use the resolution centre?
Send her request to modify the review…

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Please, where can I find the resolution centre? Need help oo

it is on button of the screen in

I don’t think that they will change it but who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

Please, am a novice, how should I go about that?

You click where I showed you, you sign in and then submit a ticket.
You explain them the story and then it is up to them if they change the review.
I don’t think they will but you lose nothing to try…

Go to the order page, you will find the resolution centre at the right top of the page…
After you must have clicked on it, You will see various options then scroll to the bottom and click on other, after that insert the key words. I.e review

This is what I send to support team earlier

Please can you screenshot the page for me, didn’t get it

I dont think you can change a review once you make it

Thanks everyone, have sorted it out with my buyer