Couldn't Get a single order yet


Hello All, I am worried its almost more than a month, even i sent buyer’s request but it never workes


Try (and avoid) some of the following:

  • Use tags and phrases associated to your gig name
  • search for hubs that your customers will frequent
  • Do not post an unreasonably long rant when you’ve gone off the deep end due to over producing and under payment
  • Look through every corner of the forum for questions and tips
  • Stop drinking coffee after 1 am. It’s irresponsible behavior and it feeds your more aggressive desires to showboat
  • create social media pages that encourage buyers to follow you back to fiverr. Do not instruct buyers to follow you to those pages
  • Study the language of your successful competitors but do not copy
  • remember that satire is not always the way to a person’s soul

Um… some of those may be for me.


If you quote Faulkner and Asimov, mention your sources, don’t present their sentences as your own (it doesn’t work well with your claim that your work will be plagiarism free).

EDIT: Don’t copy parts of your gig description from the Internet, either.


While atoning for my brut behavior, I took the non standard, “awe shucks, here’s some peppy words” stance on this one.
Then I heard clanging and I’ll be darned if you didn’t bring a sword.


Well, I am a fencer… :crossed_swords::smile_cat:


Without seeing your gig, I would just say have patience. It took me about a month for my gig to gain traction, and ended up doing an order that was way more work than the $5. But I just wanted a positive review. Sometimes you gotta suck it up and take those kind of orders in the beginning. Then you can dictate your terms when you’re on firmer ground. :slight_smile:


I call the sword “Sting.”

BTW, you sound like you’d be an awesome person to have a beer with.


Nice to see you here I was just reading your threads about fiverr pro, thanks for sharing your experience, but I am a newbie, It will be too early to apply for fiverr pro. Please give me some suggestions for my problem as I am not getting orders…


Have you looked at your statistics, to make sure that Fiverr is posting your gig?


So, you’re actually Bilbo Baggins? Awesome! :grinning:


yes, Impressions clicks and views are going up


I do have hairy feet and a predilection for a second breakfast.


I can’t seem to find your gig. :neutral_face: If I could see it, I’d check it out.


I don’t have any specific advice for you, other than what is on this thread and posted elsewhere in the forums. This question is posted and answered multiple times every day, so searching out and reading some of those other threads would be very helpful to you.


This is really going to depend on your service and how much you promote your work. Also, having relevant tags, pictures, and videos will really help!