Couldn't Land any sales :((


I was wondering if someone could tell me how can i land a project. I have been here for almost a month. i have setup my account, profiles and gigs. I do get Impressions, Clicks and views on my gigs but nobody has purchased my gigs yet. Can anybody tell me whats wrong with my profile?


The description for your gigs is very short. Your gig is a virtual product that is representing your skills. To get an order you need to show the unique services that you are offering also I would suggest you to lower the prices in the start.

best of luck


Thank You @rajput_me for the advice. I will improve my gig description.


you have to take some patience. if your description, profile cover, gig image all are perfect then promote it on social media, on websites as well. you will get surely your first order soon. :slight_smile: i got mine first order in one week.


@sanmeet i did share my gigs on social media like facebook and linkedIn. But i guess you are right :slight_smile:
I just wanted to know if i was doing anything wrong.


I updated my gigs description today. I hope i will get some orders now.


are you using Buyer Requests feature effectively?
Please read this topic: 7 Tips Get Orders from Buyer request . guaranteed 10% to 30% Conversion


@rajput_me I am actually. I got 2 queries but they are not quite responsive and not deciding weather they want to order or not :frowning:


Good morning farihatehseen, I just looked briefly at your gigs. It looks like you are Pro at ecommerce, maybe focus more on that. Your other categories say intermediate, that’s a factor in making a sale I would think. I suggest offering your services to relatives to get you going. Also, your watercolor gig has the same exact description as your 1st gig, perhaps you wanna change it. Don’t just copy and paste if you wanna attract a buyer. Second, you are offering too low price for a Brand/Logo. 5 dollars for 24 hour turnaround time is not feasible and quality will be poor. There are a million Graphic Designers in here, look at their profiles to get an idea how Fiverr works. It took me 2 months to make 1 sale and I did not promote it. Fiver did all the promotion for me. Graphic Design is very competitive here, Best of luck.


Thank You @marvin_flores for your review. i guess you are right as i am mainly experienced in ecommerce and logo designing.

About the prices, i did put some high prices at the first but alot of people suggested that my prices are too high and that could be the reason behind not getting any sales as there are people with lower prices.

For Description i will look into it and will change it to make it unique.

I’ve got no ralatives here :expressionless:

Thanx again for your time.


Sure no problem, welcome to Fiverr. Just use prices that are “good for you” and seller
-the rest should work itself out.


You have a avg wait of 14 hours? I know its not your fault because you have no gigs, might want to hit up fiverr support see if you can get it changed. That is your major issue not your gig description.