Counseling via phone


Is there any one that runs a telephone counseling or counseling through chatting on Fiverr?


You can set up a consultation gig via Skype or phone but it would have to be approved by customer support.

There are some gigs that offer consultation via chat.


Many thanks! I appreciate you.


Hi Anna,
Why do you say that a consultation gig via skype needs to be approved by CS?
Do you mean ‘be approved’ as all new gigs are approved/denied?
Or do you mean one needs to ask for special permission for a gig that requires Skype?

:penguin: May


May, all Skype or phone consultation gigs need to be approved by customer support since the exchange of personal information isn’t allowed. So yes, you should get special permission to avoid any issues.
Once you get the OK, you are good to go.


Ok, thanks for your reply.
Most of my gigs require Skype, and none have been rejected + I have not received any messages from CS regarding these gigs.


That’s great, but I would ask CS to have a look to make sure you are good to go.
At least you will have a peace of mind instead of running into potential issues later on.


Yes–best to have written proof in case of problems later. Thanks love.


what if I create a separate Skype account? Many Youtubers have a “public” facebook account, and their own personal-never-shared facebook account.


It doesn’t matter. You still need to go through CS to have this approved.


Thanks for your concern. I appreciate it.


I am grateful for your input and direction.