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Countdown for Level Up!

i get my first buyer in 3 days (phew! i got notify while digging forum and saw a lot of newbie searching answer for “how do i get my first client”. Some of them wait 3 months for it. I reached level 1 in 2 weeks than i decide to focus on “buyer requests”. now i’ve 49 satisfied client and 1 wait for approving. I’ll be level 2 with 5/5 rating.

Past 2 years i decide to improve my skills on different but related categories. I started with simple but my design logo animation (water droplet text revealer), than made a few whiteboard animations, than a few 3d animations, than a few 2d animations. Thankfully my parents supported me in that term, i earned +$2k dolar from fiverr and it wasn’t enough for 2 year.

I’ve 1 big project waiting to start on atm and we have amazing vibe with my client. In a few days i could be the first pro gig seller in my category :smiley:

You all doin’ good with creating something, even if you burn 3 candles for $5 :smiley:


*edit thanks to @offlinehelpers i removed my achievement chart for not taking attentions of money thirsty thieves.



Congratulations! Best wishes for your continued success! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your kind wishes Lloyd :champagne:

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Delighted for your success, but if I were you, I’d remove that screenshot - too much information! :wink:

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Thanks for your thoughtful warning, but i think i’m in safe zone right now ( :

The forum can be viewed by the entire internet - it’s not a private space. Just thinking of your safety.

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i understand your worries but i can say there is not much detailed info at that image for getting harm.
maximum some talented hacker break fiverr or related paying service’s firewall and empty my 3 digit dollar account.
i will earn more ( :

but thank you again for your thoughtful warning.

Maybe you missed this - your screenshot would give them all they need to fraudulently ‘sell’ your account:

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