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Countdown hasn't started, buyer says the requirements sections seems blocked

Hi guys, I am sorry if this looks like other posts, but I think this one is different.
My client ordered a gig, he had previously sent me the link so I could take a look.
I wanted to deliver it, but I couldn’t because It says to hold tight so he coud give my more information…
I sent the file via the chat.
He says he answered the questions and sent a bogus file in the requirements sections many times, and still doesn’t work…
I hope we won’t have to cancel (doesn’t seem good, right?)
i there any other way??
Thank you!

Looks like the order is corrupted. It does happen sometimes, order requirements get out of whack on the fiverr system. I’d explain to the buyer and start a mutual cancellation, so that they can then re-order and it should go through. A mutual cancellation will not count against you. I’ve had to do this several times when Fiverr goes all wonky and it worked every time.
-Dave :slight_smile: