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Countdown Started, But Buyer Hasn't Delivered Anything

So, I’ve seen some posts saying that the countdown clock won’t start until the buyer has delivered something to work on. Is this true? I’ve had a handful of orders that I’ve had to cancel because the countdown almost ran out, even though the buyer never sent anything.

It doesn’t bother me much, but any input would be appreciated. [=

The only time that has happened to me is when I accidentally marked the “requirements” in gig setup to “optional.” Then the clock can start without you even knowing. I heard there was a bug for awhile not allow you to remove the checkmark for optional, but I haven’t seen that one myself.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Huh, well I looked at that, but it didn’t seem to be checked. The buyer acted like he sent me something this time, so I’m just going to assume he attached something Fiverr didn’t like.

Thanks for the info thought! [=

fonthaunt said: when I accidentally marked the "requirements" in gig setup to "optional."
OK, now I am completely confused about "optional". I've been going with it being 'optional' to include the requirements, so the box should be checked for them to be required. Which seems to be what @maddisont thinks too?

Do I have it backwards? Are they required automatically and checking the box makes them optional as far as the buyer knows?

A couple months ago when you set-up your gig, the check box made it an optional instruction. This was great for gig extras, but confusing to most clients.

Now, when you set-up your gig it is not as clear for us sellers as it was, but I just edited my gigs and unchecking the box made my instructions disappear. So keep that box checked for your required info! I just included the optional info in the one box.