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Countdown started but no information!

I need advice. the countdown has started on an order but I have no information or instructions as yet. The order is due in 20 hours what do I do?


I would send the buyer a message, and let them know that you plan to cancel if they do not provide you with information.

Thanks, yes I have sent a message. he has promised the information and I do believe he will send it as it is a $30 order , but I am just concerned that it’s into 5 hours into the delivery time - Eeek I dont want to be late.

Can I ask him if I can cancel and he re-order when he has the info so I have tthe full 24 hours to deliver?

A cancellation will be a terrible option for you. If he does not reply before the time counts down, I would deliver an “IOU” message so that the gig doesn’t run late. In the message let them know that you will deliver the final product as soon as the information is sent.