COUNTDOWN system has to change!


I have a gig. I have instructions for the buyer. The buyer orders the gig, reads the instructions and answers things like; “Cool, I will get you those pic asap” - “What are extra gigs?” - "How long will you take?"

Regardless of what the question or comment they may have, as soon as they write ANYTHING there… the COUNTDOWN starts. It may not be important for THEM… but it is for the sellers…

There HAS to be a better countdown system! A button or a “warning box” letting them know that if they write ANYTHING there (other than the results to the instructions given) that the countdown will start. It isn’t fair.


Reply to @kjblynx: I could not agree more. Without the seller’s ability to do this,

  1. Buyers can write nonsense under the instructions and the timer starts.
  2. The buyer can write nothing leaving the order in “limbo”. They can then return at ANY future time (like when you’re on vacation), enter the instructions, and have the countdown run out on you.
  3. We are not supposed to deliver “empty” gigs BUT
  4. Cancellations, including those for non-sensical, non-seller reasons count ONLY against the seller. Don’t bother asking Customer Support for a logical explanation, some additional nonsense about “your completed orders count in the ratio too” will be given.


I think it’s easy. A simple pop-up box when they write something that says something like; “Are you sure you want to send this? This will start the countdown clock!” will do the job. My gig instructions has more of “PLEASE SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS” than the actual gig instructions. Yet, I still get stupid people writing stupid stuff and later wonder why I deliver empty gigs! It’s ridiculous!


The easiest way would be not to have the timer start until the seller says so. That way we can make sure we have everything we need to proceed with the order.

I can have my gig ready within a day 99% of the time, but I upped them to 5 days because many times buyers do not supply needed information, like an audio file for their animation, and I am left waiting while they then decide to go get one.


I totally agree that we should be able to reject gigs before we start.

As for the timer… The best solution is to simply extend your delivery time. MAke a note in your description that you usually get gigs done in ‘X’ amount of time, but you have an extended deadline just in case.

I find the “Contact me before buying” method doesn’t work well for most people. The main problem is that English is not everyones first language. So, a lot of buyers only really read the title, then order.

This can cause a pain for gig extras as well.

My advice always is to NOT use the “Contact me first” approach. Try and make your gig simple in description. And always advertise your basic service only. Just put what you’ll do for five bucks. Add any perks in the “Extras” area only. Never in the description.


"I will make you a black and white logo for 5 bucks."

That’s it. Don’t add any more to your title or description.

Then, in the gig extra area only:

"I will Color it for an extra 5 bucks"

So, the point is make the main gig and description very easy. So even a 4 year old can understand it. Don’t include any extras in your gig description. Put them in your extra area only.

Doing this will save a lot of time, effort and confusion. If you can with your type of gig.


I am have this some problem with countdown timer I would like it also to be time starts when seller accepts the gig


I think the seller should have a say on whether or not he/she accepts an order. My problem is not the countdown as such, but the fact that when multiple gigs are ordered I still get the same amount of time to deliver. I did extend my delivery to five days (just to be on the safe side) but when I get multiple gigs ordered, and perhaps I already have a couple of jobs to do, sometimes it is just impossible to deliver on time. So far I have never been late, but I did get a couple of orders cancelled because I knew I couldn´t manage them and I asked the buyer to cancel or postpone.

Like I said, I think we should have the option to accept a job; it would be good for everyone.


I think we should request mutual order start countdown button. Buyer and seller both should have that option to hit the button, once they agree to work, the button should start but that way also many quick to do gigs will require more runtime. I think this sort of change should be optional where mutual order start can be enabled or disabled to aviod conflicts.


+1 for this proposal! Any gig should give us the time to reject it in a 24h notice, i think after 24h I should automatically accept it. The only issue I would see is for 24h gigs… the time should be half hour to an hour I quesse or not at all.


Reply to @benwpr: Maybe 12 hours? Imagine if a buyer orders an express gig while you’re sleeping. You can do it in under 24 hours but could miss out on the sale if you only have 30 minutes to respond! :slight_smile: