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Counter offer which is more than the intended burdget

Hi guys,

I am pretty new on fiverr, I am a professional Audio Engineer, however, I have been able to reach my first level (level one seller ) yesterday. My question is, if the budget from a buyer request is below my interest, Is it okay to counter with an offer that is more. A potential client I sent an offer to said it wasnt proper and so the client disconnected with me which is okay but my concern is if it is okay or not.

Thank You.
Retyit Dayok (Kromaticpro)

Hello there and congratulations on your new level!

You can do as you wish! If you feel the value you bring to the table is worth more, go for it!

My only concern would be whether they are looking for someone who can compete within their budget. If they’ve posted a request with a budget of $50 and you counter with $150, you wouldn’t win that bid.

Try explaining why you are countering with a higher offer and maybe they’ll agree.

Best of luck.


Thank you so much for your reply.


Congratulations for your new level!

Is hard to find the exact point in this, I my case I have to sacrifice my prices, for now, because I need to get some reputation on Fiverr first, my category is very competitive and there is a lot of cheap and amateur people with low prices, a lot of extras and low quality. I have talked to several buyers and some have had bad experiences with this type of sellers, so they prefer to start with small things and when they see the quality of your work, they start paying for what they are worth. A couple buyers give me a $25 tip for a $5 logo.

Maybe this does not work for everyone, only is my experience until now.

Best for you!

Thank you for your reply, I think I will work on my pricing, even though I came in as a professional and I am 100% sure of what I can give, I would have to back down my prices for a while to be able to build a clientele.

That’s a strategic move. Once you’ve built up a solid port folio and reviews to demonstrate your capabilities you can always up your prices!