Counter Still running


My order is done and the buyer give me tip but I see the counter still running I don’t know why .
I see in my phone order status : order item added
I don’t understand it.



Once you complete an order, it takes 14 days for your funds to get cleared. If this is not your answer. Could you please upload a photo of what exactly you are experiencing?


I know But why counter still running


Re-check it from your computer. It could be an error in the app itself.


No problem it’s impossible to PC and Phone get some error the buyer when complete my order everything go fine but when give me a tip the counter restart counter .I open fiverr in my phone I see In order status :Order Item added


Could you attach a photo (screenshot) of the error?



Unfortunately I have no clue what this means. However, since your order has been already completed and rated by your customer, I don’t think you have to worry about anything. Contact the fiverr support team and see if it helps!
Sorry about that again.


Thank you My friend I will


Did you revise the gig? Or did you attach the order to a chat message? Go back to the original order page and check the delivery button status. If it says deliver then you did not properly deliver the gig the first time.


No problem :slight_smile: Hope it helps!


Did you ask for Time extension?
The buyer will be able to rate you if you will ask for time extension


The buyer don’t answer


Okay i had an issue i had sent time extension request
and the buyer has accepted it

The order has 23 hrs remaining and i got 3 star review, buyer will be able to rate you during time extension