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Countodown Timer from Order page MISSING!


When I go to the order page, the countdown timer has suddenly disappeared and is not showing anymore. I use google chrome. And I have also tried deleting the cookies, caches, and even tried the incognito mode. But it is still the same… I cannot see the countdown timer of the order.

It is a large order and, as you all know, it is very important for me to know the time remaining on the order. This is giving me a lot of anxiety.

I have seen a couple other sellers post about this exact same issue (on another thread) and so, I thought I’d make a separate thread specifically for this issue.

I hope this post gets the appropriate attention and that Fiverr is able to fix it ASAP. I’ve also contacted CS about it.


AJ (hanshuber16).

Same here. The app is still showing countdown and buyer requirements, but I’ve tried three different browsers, three different devices, tried incognito/private mode, and disabled all extensions. Nothing works otherwise, and it’s a huge nuisance. Contacted CS about an hour ago but I’m still waiting for a response.

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facing same problem and delivery is’t working .

Same problem here! i wonder if the team is aware of this issue?

I have contacted CS about it… I’d suggest that you do too! Especially if you have an order that needs to be submitted in the near future or if your order is already late due to the delivery button not working.

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