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Countries where sellers come from

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Fivver, looking around, trying to buy and to sell something, but there is one thing which makes me wonder. Why are there so many sellers from countries which I would describe as rather poor than from rich parts of the world?

Is Fiveer a market place for cheap jobs and that’s why? What do you think?

To be honest I think you’ve answered your own question. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is just my opinion, but yes I do think Fiverr is thought to be a source of inexpensive product. I just joined myself. I waited this long until I saw the ability to leverage with more packages.

The folks from other countries see this as a great way to get into business because they do not have the opportunities in their countries and the market.

Give it 5 years and Fiverr will look different. There will be the Fiverr $5 services which are a segue to upsales.

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Sorry, what do you mean?

i think you did not look hard enough, their are people from the rich countries also doing good, it depends what you selling and how you selling it.

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You may be right, it’s just my first impression.

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do not go with the first impression, give it a try, it is free :smiley:
wish you luck

I think it is depend on the currency rate of each country.

There are people probably from every country, but if you look at the stats then you’ll see that most sellers are from countries where an average wage is rather low