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Country changed

I am currently based in Qatar. I will return to the country in one week. My birthplace is Bangladesh. I created the account in Qatar. What should I do now?


@arafat_karim The language of the forum is English.

If you want to post in another language you just need to provide a translation.

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No problem… Just change your Country.


Check this out:


Hello, @webraj

Once you visit Bangladesh then country name will be change automatically form your profile. Don’t worry. I’m based in Saudi Arab and I have been face this issue and contact with Fiverr Support and they told me. Kindly check the attachment.


there is no problem . if you use real ip wherever you are .

I think you can open a new PayPal account and change your fiverr payment option to your PayPal account. The problem isn’t going to be fiverr but how you are going to withdraw the money.

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What are you trying to say, dear?

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The country where your fiverr is registered to, doesn’t matter. As long it’s functioning, you only need to sort out how to get the payment back.

Imagine if you have to go back to the original country again in the future. This covid-19 has made many sellers having to work in a different location… I’m sure many are already doing so.

There wouldn’t be any issue. As long as you use real IP and you have a valid payment method


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