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I am a U.S national and i mentioned same in my profile. One day i noticed that my flag has been changed from U.S to Pakistan, i don’t know why. From that day onward no one is giving me any work. Before the flag had changed all was going superb, but now from last 2 weeks i am getting no response from any Buyer. Is it something wrong? What about my reviews? level? is it not worthy enough to check my quality work? Fiverr is also not helping to change my flag. They are replying that it changes periodically… What to do ?


the flag will not change by itself, I’m sure you are in pakistan or you moved their, using ip changing programms and staff like this could get your account banned and get you in trouble.

And I don’t think it’s the flag that’s causing the lack of the orders, your rating is 93% you must’ve got some bad reviews, 93% is bad and will downgrade your gig positions on the search, always deliver quality work and make sure the buyer is 100% satisfied to avoid bad ratings.


Out of 74 only 3 negative. I think it is normal. Majority likes my work.


@kjblynx how did you do such a search to determine that? Best wishes.


Being a US national does not mean you are using the computer from the states. You could be a Pakistani national using a U.S. Computer and get a U.S. Flag


Ok great! Thanks.


Reply to @kjblynx: Yeah I know I meant it will not change unless something happened, like changing your resident or fiverr discovering that you’re using ip changing programms…


I was experiencing the Same Problem and I contacted Fiverr Support.They Said We Can not change the Flag Manually From Our End…and They Said to Me that Wait For It to Automatically Change!

So There Is Nothing We Can Do From Just Waiting. :frowning:



Has yours changed yet?