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Country, problems please help!


Ok, so my friend told me about Fiverr and how I can earn money.

I was in Thailand because I was in vacation that time, and I brought my IPad.

I registered using my IPad and when I was gonna go home after a week, it says Thailand but really I live in Philippines.

I saw some posts about the same issue and I saw some that says I need to say Customer Support

And some says its impossible but some says its an easy fix.

Can anyone help me please! If you have a video please add it in the comments or clear this up for me.

Thank you for reading,


The search feature in this forum is your friend… the very same question has been answered hundreds times :frowning:

You must open a ticket with Customer Support asking them to change your country; they could do it just like they could not… maybe you’d better provide some sort of evidence that you really live in a different country and you’re not just using some sort of proxy…

Reply to @mark74: Well I have Facebook, and I’m too shy to say the name because Imma boy and it’s kinda girly…

aiiirule said: Can anyone help me please!

Please contact Fiverr Customer Support...

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thank you, but witch one do I choose? In " Categories Reguarding To Your Account " ? If its a country problem?

Reply to @aiiirule: I don’t understand what you mean… nobody asked you your name or whatever…

I’ve just told you that the very same question has been answered several times and that you need to write Customer Support… am I missing something?


I would try “Account Related Help”.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: yes, that’s what I did but there’s another one.

" Categories regarding to your account " After I pressed " Account Related Help "

Reply to @mark74: Oh, I am filling the questions. (:

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Reply to @voiceoverwork: I sent you a message

Reply to @aiiirule:

I am a user just like you. You need to contact Fiverr Support.