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Couple More Days Till the Next Evaluation

Hey there!

Welcome to February. Aren’t you all super excited for this next evaluation in 13 days? I sure am (all sarcasm intended).

Were you demoted last month and do you think you’ll be able to bounce back this month. Or do you think you’ll be getting demoted (or perhaps nominated for a TRS!). Lets get a discussion started.

P.S. - Yes I’m completely aware 13 days left is just a little over half way since the last but realistically for some won’t be enough time to get their stats in order - 13 days will creep up and feel like 2 days in no time.


Let’s not. Haven’t we discussed it enough already?


By all means you don’t have to partake in the discussion. Just creating an outlet for those who actually want to talk about the next evaluation - It’s just for those to voice whether they anticipate getting demoted or promoted next round, not intended to be a giant banter against the new system as a whole.

Regular evaluations brings about regular discussion - people will inevitably find a reason to discuss the second evaluation as for some who were Level 2 - They’ll be demoted straight to New Seller this round and it’s just as equally important as the first.


Yah it’s very important, tell us please whatever you know!

The system is crap, it took me forever to raise 4.7 to 4.8, then I get one 3.5 review and I’m back to 4.7. Also, because I got demoted, I get less orders and now my order completion rate is at 89% because 1 refund has a lot more power than it used to.

When will Fiverr get rid of this dreaded new system? They’re screwing with our livelihoods! It’s the equivalent of a Casino getting rid of the air conditioning, replacing comfortable chairs with wooden chairs, and doing the utmost to impede commerce.

Fiverr went from being First Class to Basic Economy.

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As someone who gets orders at a decent rate - I’ve found it pretty hard to bring my “On-Time Delivery” stat up from 88% to 90% - I believe i delivered 15 orders before moving from 87% to 88% and I haven’t really had that many late deliveries - I wonder if there’s a way to actually see how many have been late in a 60 day period. Either way however, with only 30-day gaps in between it’ll definitely prove to be difficult to continue meeting the expectation every time. Didn’t get demoted last time but I’ll have to see what happens this month…

I’ve said it many times before here on the forums… Fiverr has confirmed that seller levels are NOT connected to sales potential. Your sales – and ability to earn more sales – are not affected by your seller level. Seller levels are nothing more than a way for Fiverr to highlight high-achieving sellers, so that buyers have a better idea which sellers are more motivated, trustworthy, determined, and likely to deliver high-quality work.

Please stop blaming your seller level for your lack of sales. There is no connection.

I was demoted from Level 2 to Level 1, and I have seen no change in sales. You were demoted from Top Rated Seller to Level 2 (which is higher than my current level). Your sales have nothing to do with your level.


And you believe them? There are people that only hire level 2, level 1, TRS, etc. I track every sale I make, and I know

January, 2017 (TRS): $1233
January 2018 (level 2): $958

If Fiverr demotes me to level 1 (and they will), I’ll be only allowed to have 7 gigs. That means several lucrative gigs will have to be deleted.

You advertise your gigs on Facebook! That’s the reason your demotion has made no difference. Fiverr isn’t even your main source of income, this is just a hobby for you, for me it’s my CAREER.

Lies, that’s the way it used to be, it’s not anymore. Levels used to be a reward for those who deserve it, those who deliver their work on time, who don’t abuse their buyers, etc. Now, levels are a PRIVILEGE for those who can maintain a 4.8.

I get one 3.5 stars, and my 4.8 becomes a 4.7. I got a buyer who never rates because he’s obsessed about his online privacy.

The math is against us! Look at what people are saying:

15 orders and Fiverr treats him like garbage!

I have 1454 Reviews, 4.6 rating on my #1 gig, but Fiverr doesn’t care. Some tyro with 10 reviews and a 5.0 is above me now.

Fiverr could have a special dispensation for subjective gigs, but they don’t.

I’m done. You’ve become a brick wall of bitter emotions that doesn’t want to listen to fact or reason. I’ve tried to help you see the bigger picture – the larger painting in all this, but you’d rather just stare at your signature in the corner.

And now you’re openly calling me a liar. I guess there really is a last straw.

Good luck at your next seller assessment.


I can’t wait til evaluations become like:

  • Packages
  • Pro gigs
  • No more selling reviews
  • No more Cancellation removing a review
  • No more Doing homework

and people learn to accept the new reality and realize that it does actually improve the site both in reputation and elsewhere and people stop going on about it constantly.

Edit: I feel like I am forgetting something big…
Edit 2: Ahhhhhhh! How could I forget The Great Algorithm Debate which raged for months. Seems like the counselling must have worked!

Edit 3: Did you know there are forum users who are alive today who never even heard of the Algorithm debate? Feel old yet?


Wow it really is groundhog day.

Fiver actually went to a system that holds every user accountable. Why can you not take responsibility for your own metrics? No one else can make your numbers what they are. Only You!


I think it is because you had a video on every gig with a blank space for your thumbnail for the month or part of it.

I’m so sorry you are going through this. I know how hard this has been for you. You have my sympathy. (Don’t get mad at people on the forum, they are just giving opinions.)

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Because Fiverr was supposed to be different from real jobs. Real jobs might expect you to perform at 100% all the time, and 4.8 is extremely close to 100%. Fiverr was supposed to be FLEXIBLE, accommodating, There’s a woman who gets paid $400 to write books, if she gets 2 orders in one month, 5 rating in one order, 4 in the other, she’s already under 4.8. The system ignores individual circumstances and it promotes mediocrity.

I didn’t call you a liar. I said “Lies” because you believe in things that aren’t true. You have too much faith in Fiverr, you believe everything Fiverr tells you, you think ToS is the Gospel of John, and you ignore any evidence that challenges your preconceptions.

I don’t have to use myself as an example, I have used many others as examples of how the new levels are illogical and wrong.

No you are asking them to ignore mediocrity, and give all the kids a participation trophy. This is business, not a giant fluffy social justice project.

Interesting insight, but I’ve seen sale decreases on both the gigs with videos and the ones without them. Don’t take me wrong, I’m not asking Fiverr to put all my gigs on the first row, that’s not realistic and that’s a question of luck. I just want my old level back, instead, I’m gonna end up demoted to level 1, I’ll be forced to delete gigs.

Where’s the loyalty?

Total Earnings

Total Completed Orders

Avg. Selling Price

All-Time Rating 4.8
Total reviews: 4,239
5-star reviews: 3,678

And what is my reward? I get demoted.

We can all put on our thinking caps and figure out things we can do so that our metrics stay above the limits. It’s a challenge and not easy, but it can be done. I’m sure fastcopywriter can come up with some new ways to stay above those limits. Gigs might have to be changed in some ways but there IS a way.

Not until he stops lashing out at everyone and accept some responsibility for his own fate. The truth is that he feels as if he is supposed to be guaranteed a level of income and a badge regardless of his actions or inaction.

I love that you give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but this is pure entitlement attitude, and this song is getting old. The new metrics should say (except for @fastcopywriter because he is loyal and so special.)


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