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Couple of tips for newbies that I learned on my mistakes

This is the third year of my presence here)) Finally I’ve completed more than 100 projects. So I wanted to share with newbies some tips that I learned on my mistakes and experince. I hope you will clearly understand all things that I wrote, because my English is still not that good :expressionless:

The first and the main thing - patience
Try to request to buyer exact time that you need to complete the job. Don’t rush to get the work completed as soons as possible and get your money and review. Because that can badly affect on your review. So try to deliver an excellent quality work and by this the buyer can return again and place more orders.

" Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” Aristotle

Yes, you still can send a request to extend the delivery time, but sometimes you may face a buyer than can simply cancel the order and put a negative feedback that you couldn’t deliver the work at the right time. But there are very little number of such buyers. Most of the buyers that I met was very kind.

At my first year I received an order. When I did a half of work I sent an update to buyer, he just cancelled the order ( the buyer can’t do exactly what I want). He even didn’t let me know about it.

Therefore always try to check the reviews of the buyers left by sellers. Then you will know with whom you are working.

Don’t lower your price just to get many orders. Don’t think that lowering the price can bring you many buyers. Most of the buyers prefer quality over price and delivery time. In my opinion buyers think that if seller works for such low price it means he is not good at his job. This was one of my mistakes. May be you have other opinions about price topic, please let me know, I still can make some mistakes about it. I just want to say try to value your EFFORT right😉

I hope this post can somehow help you

I will try to keep updating this post!

Thank you!)

p.s I still can make some mistakes in this post because I always do them :grimacing:


thank you brother for your effort . This is really helpful for newcomers like me. i am looking forward to hear from you about your starting times experiences. like sending buyer requests but not getting an order or how to convince buyers about your quality .

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I am glad it helped you. I really don’t know why buyers don’t accept an offer. That happened to me as well 2-3 times. So I can’t say anything about it, I think it is all about buyers reason.

thank you brother for sharing this

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Lowering price may have a negative effect! Hmm, that’s another perspective to look at it.

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