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Coupon Code Question



I received a coupon code from Fiverr today. My question is - if it the code is from Fiverr and not the seller, does Fiverr cover the loss for the seller? I want to use it to order a gig from a seller I use frequently but I don’t want her to lose money since she didn’t authorize the coupon code. How does this work?



If you use the code, it’s not supposed to affect a seller, but, must time, does. For instance, if the order is for $15 and you use a coupon code of 20% off (something like that), it rings up as $12. SInce Fiverr takes a $1 for every $5 order, this leaves a balance of $9.60 for your seller… meaning they’re not getting the entire $12 they are owed.


For coupon code, it’s what emeraldawnn said.

For 5r credit (totally different thing), seller won’t be penalized; matter of fact, they won’t even know they’re being paid with credit balance. Periodically, I get a $5 credit in my balance from 5r.

BTW, you’re the type of buyer a seller dreams about. Someone who cares enough to ask first to make sure the seller is taken care of properly. :sparkling_heart: :gift_heart:


Thanks emeraldawnn and gina_riley2 for the replies! I won’t use it then. I’m a small business owner myself and I would not be ok with anyone else giving away discounts to my store! :slight_smile: Good work is worth full price anyway. :slight_smile: Plus tips! :wink:


Indeed! Agree 100%.

Let’s face it, we already get a great deal here. :slight_smile:

Most sellers I deal with are Amazing.


Hi guys! I had this very same question and this is such great info so thank you! But one additional question, if you’d happen to know: if I use the coupon code and I instead make up for that loss in a tip I provide the seller, would that be more beneficial to her? Does Fiverr take any portion of their tips, do you know? Thank you!!


Hi! Fiverr takes 20% of the tips.