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Cover latter for clients


How can I write a good cover latter for clients? Please, give me tips about cover latter.

Thank You


Spelling would be important. :thinking:


Always use a tool like grammarly to check for errors before contacting a client.
All the best.



always share a relevant work according to clients requirements. it will help you to win a job.


I see you have only one WordPress related gig. Did you make an offer on a buyer request in spite of not having the ability to write a cover letter? :thinking:

It is important to only take gigs for what you know how to do. We on the Forum cannot teach you. Maybe you should try a google search.


Hi vickie! :blush:

I’m starting, not to think but to be sure, that this is everyday’s bread and one of the reasons for so many cancellations :smirk:


If you are thinking of offering cover letters for your
potential clients in your own language, I think it’s fine.
but if you are thinking of doing it in English, I’m sorry but you shouldn’t.
This is going to sound harsh, from that very short sentence you typed above, I can
clearly tell you shouldn’t be offering any writing services ( at least not in English).

Spelling can be fixed using the spell check, but there is way more to a good quality and
well written cover letter than just correct spelling.


I think that the OP might be asking about sending good offers to buyer requests.


That could be. In that case OP should use the search feature in the upper right hand corner to search for, “How to write Buyer Requests.” :blush: