Cover photo


Help me as I can’t seem to upload a pic to create a gig. When I get to the browse stage it tells me pick a file below or above file size. any one got any helpful tips.


why can’t I use this pic to open and start a gig?


Hi kiwigardener, kjblynx is right.

If you want to check the categories which allow to add COVER PHOTO , please see my gig, which includes the category list:

If you have different category than listed, you unfortunatelly cannot add your cover photo.


Hello, I am Zlura. I would like someone tell me if this problem is normal. I cannot hang a image in my gig. When it is already uploaded, it looks all black. I have put the correct size, my image is 700 pixels of resolution, so… Does anybody knows how does it work? I also have tried to put a name to the image, but it doesn,t seem to be the correct solution.

Thank you.


Hello I’m Miami38, Can any one help me, I am having problems trying to upload a cover image, This will be my third attempt to upload the photo of my business that I am trying to promote. I have been trying from yesterday. Any one have any ideas.


Reply to @bzlura81: Hey Zlura,

Only JPEG, 682 pixels wide, 459 pixels height, up to 2 MB is allowed.

So 700 pixels is too much probably.

Try to upload the file over here, I can check it for you or contact support (they will for sure solve it if it is technical issue)


Reply to @miami38: Hi, please check the list of allowed categories to add cover photo here:

If your category is different than listed you unfortunatelly cannot add cover photo to your gig.


Reply to @kjblynx: Hey, I just checked. As they appear on Fiverr site your photos are 680x459 px or less. So even if you attached bigger ones it either cropped it or resized it to the allowed maximum.

But if it’s not size matter it may be really a technical issue…


Reply to @cargum: Thanks a lot, I will try!